A Real Rebellious Girl

By JJ, Anstruther Primary School, aged 11

I'm not a typical 11-year-old girl. I don't wear JoJo Bows, like the popular boy bands, wear the correct clothes and go to the right parties. Plus, considering what happens in this day and age, I AM really rebellious. Instead of going out concerts and playing tones of video games, I sit and write stories. 

On Saturday mornings I go out kayaking with my friends at watersports. We go out on massive inflatables and play hide-and-seek tag in at the peer between the boats. Sometimes we race each other to a little island where we run around and play things like seeing who can find the biggest thing on the beach. It's really fun! 

I go outside lots instead of having my nose in the latest video game. Normally, my nose is in a book, but that's not the point. We play outside on a humongous trampoline with 4 balls we named Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry and Grape. 'We' is my sister, in case you were curious. I like to see how far and high I can kick my share of balls, Strawberry and Grape. That's what I do at the weekends. 

I also play the violin in school. I know that's not very rebellious but writing and playing your own music is! I sometimes tune my violin too, but only if it's really, really bad. And even then, I've only done that once or twice. 

Sometimes, I sit outside in the sun and write short stories. One was about a girl called Lucy and her adventures through the woods, meeting old friends, building houses with wood and superglue. It's quite a funny one, if I'm honest with you! 

I go out and play golf on Mondays. I'm quite good at it. I go up and play the 1st, 2nd, and 9th. We do a thing called Text-To-Scramble, where the group all hit a shot. The balls all get picked up, except for the furthest, which gets hit. The other people play from there, too. Often it's mine, but it's really fun! 

I'm also really good at coding. I don't do it all the time, but I have a real knack for it. In ICT, if someone needs help, normally they ask me. I'm good with Python, HTML & Scratch. 

I know no-one else who would do this and all the above. Unless they were a real rebel. 

Like me.