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A Pre-Teen Message – Beat It You Bully

Once upon a time

You and your kind

Lived underneath

Bridges had ridges as ribs that dropped down

Onto empty chests

As if an excavation were hired to remove

The part of you that gave you your purpose

You lived off our fears if you could

Taste what we fear

Your smiles were like barbed wires

Not to keep us out

But to keep us in

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A Real Rebellious Girl

I'm not a typical 11-year-old girl. I don't wear JoJo Bows, like the popular boy bands, wear the correct clothes and go to the right parties. Plus, considering what happens in this day and age, I AM really rebellious. Instead of going out concerts and playing tones of video games, I sit and write stories. 

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Ikke Dokko, Ikke Drengi - Not a girl, not a boy

Dokkerne hever handtasker og poittar

Drengarne hever knottar

Eg er ikke Dokko

Eg er ikke Drengi

Eg er Bånnj

Eg hev knotti i handtask min.


Those girls have handbags and teapots

Those boys have balls

I am not a girl

I am not a boy

I am a child

I have a ball in my handbag.

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Lara Mascara

Lara Mascara

the kitten

cutest of all


Some days she is sweet

some days she claws


We play with her every day

until we go on our i-pad

 and then she claws the couch


Rebel Lara likes

Gammon steak, fish and gravy


She hates

Whiskas cat food

Lara says no thanks


Lara says Muuuum

she's a very funny and unusual kitten





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Rebel Dad

This is the story of my dad’s finest hour, when he got sick of playing football and staged a sit-down protest to stop football and play other sports.

It was a normal day in Queensferry High School back in 1980 and my dad was being normal. He was just normal, quiet and didn’t usually get in trouble. Then something changed.

It was time for class 3A to go to PE. They went to the changing rooms and as normal it stunk of sweaty socks. Chimpy the PE teacher, as the teens called him behind his back, told the boys to go the pitch.

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Rebel! Rebel!

I am named Robyn

My name is Mrs Robertson

I grew up in Auchengray

I was born in Braehead farm near Forth

My main Teacher is Mrs Wright

My main Teacher was Mrs Brunefield

Our punishment is getting a Warning

My punishment was writing I want do this 100 times

I have not been grounded as well

I have never got grounded

Mine is getting on a red

The worst thing I have ever done in school is hiding a pen

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Rebel! Rebel!


My name is Mr Roberson.

I’m called Jack.

I was born at Forth.

Well I was born at Falla Farm it is beautiful.

I went to Auchengray Primary school.

Same but I still go.

I now live at Easter House Farm.

I now live at Calla Doone.

My best friend was Alec Dick.

My friends are Beau, Thomas, James, Logan, Allana, Robert, Annabel, Robyn and Gaby.

My main teacher was Miss Elder.

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Rebel! Rebel!

I am named Allana.

My name is Mrs. Robertson.

I was born at Wishaw General.

Well I was born at Braehead Farm.

I have never moved house.

I moved down the road from Braehead Farm to Whitesites Farm, then to Stow.

I go to Auchengray Primary school.

When I moved to Stow I went to school there.

My teacher is named Mrs. Wright.

My teacher was called Mrs. Brunefield.

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Rebel! Rebel!


My name is Annabel.


I’m called Mr Robertson.


I grew up at Falla Farm. Falla is beautiful.


First I lived at Forth but I grew up at Easter House Farm.


I still live at Falla Farm.


I still live at Easter House Farm!


At the moment I go to Auchengray Primary School.


I went to Auchengray Primary School.


The teacher is Mrs Wright, and the head is Mrs Pennock.

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Rebel! Rebel!


My name is Robert.


I am called William.


I was born is Mosshat.


I was born in Carluke, Lanark.


My rebel moment is when I was playing football and Allana shoved me hard so I booted her leg at break time and in the same day I punched her in the ear in football at lunch.


And my rebel moment was when I insulted the head master then walked out of the school and went home and the head master told my dad about it and I got in a lot of trouble that day.

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