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A Good Christian Girl

When you’re little, everyone’s married. Especially when you’re little and you’re in church. The minister and his wife. The Sunday School teacher and her husband. No one over the age of 20 is single, and everyone over 25 is married. That’s just how it is. When you’re a teenager, you pair off with another teenager. And those couples stay together, grow up, and get married. I mean, what else would they do? Be alone? Not have kids? Not have someone to kiss and cuddle? No way. I was terrified of ending up alone, like old Betty down the street.

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A Pre-Teen Message – Beat It You Bully

Once upon a time

You and your kind

Lived underneath

Bridges had ridges as ribs that dropped down

Onto empty chests

As if an excavation were hired to remove

The part of you that gave you your purpose

You lived off our fears if you could

Taste what we fear

Your smiles were like barbed wires

Not to keep us out

But to keep us in

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A Real Rebellious Girl

I'm not a typical 11-year-old girl. I don't wear JoJo Bows, like the popular boy bands, wear the correct clothes and go to the right parties. Plus, considering what happens in this day and age, I AM really rebellious. Instead of going out concerts and playing tones of video games, I sit and write stories. 

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