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Rebel! Rebel!

I am named Allana.

My name is Mrs. Robertson.

I was born at Wishaw General.

Well I was born at Braehead Farm.

I have never moved house.

I moved down the road from Braehead Farm to Whitesites Farm, then to Stow.

I go to Auchengray Primary school.

When I moved to Stow I went to school there.

My teacher is named Mrs. Wright.

My teacher was called Mrs. Brunefield.

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Rebel! Rebel!


My name is Annabel.


I’m called Mr Robertson.


I grew up at Falla Farm. Falla is beautiful.


First I lived at Forth but I grew up at Easter House Farm.


I still live at Falla Farm.


I still live at Easter House Farm!


At the moment I go to Auchengray Primary School.


I went to Auchengray Primary School.


The teacher is Mrs Wright, and the head is Mrs Pennock.

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Rebel! Rebel!


My name is Robert.


I am called William.


I was born is Mosshat.


I was born in Carluke, Lanark.


My rebel moment is when I was playing football and Allana shoved me hard so I booted her leg at break time and in the same day I punched her in the ear in football at lunch.


And my rebel moment was when I insulted the head master then walked out of the school and went home and the head master told my dad about it and I got in a lot of trouble that day.

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The Rebel

Out of all the words that I could associate myself with, the word ‘rebel’ certainly doesn’t come to mind at first. After hours of reflecting in my room I was no further on than before, not knowing then that the answer I was looking for lay just outside my house.


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We Are Rebels

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”

― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

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