My Own Rebel

By Rebecca, Brechin High School

I’ve never been the sporty type, never enjoyed most sports. There are many people like that as well but yet I still feel singled out, like I’m rebelling from society. There are certain standards for everyone for them to ‘fit in’, anyone that doesn’t follow these can be picked on, bullied. There is always a ‘cool gang’ anywhere you go. It may sound bad but it’s mainly true… more than half of them are mean and think it’s ok to call people out for ‘not fitting in’ or basically just being themselves. There are the few of ‘the cool gang’ that don’t think this but they don’t stop it, of course they don’t, they earned their place in the group and they wish to stay ‘cool’. They would rather get into trouble. 

There is a certain image for ‘the cool gang’, especially for the girls- mainly slim, cakes lots of makeup on their face ( generally for the girls, boys that wear makeup are generally frowned on ) and so many more factors. It’s so unfair, they are seen as ‘closest to perfect’ socially. They might be smart but they generally get into so much trouble because they think it’s funny, like they are being a ‘rebel’. They sometimes act dumb or just don’t try, I find it insulting I’m one of the ‘try-hards’ or ‘teacher’s pets’ because I care about my future and my education. I would say I get classed as one of the ‘nerds’,  does this suddenly makes it ok to make me feel different, left out? I get called a ‘snitch’, a ‘teachers pet’ and so much worse. I try my best to not show how much it hurts because that would make it worse. I was stalked, I was verbally harassed. Only by one guy, he hates me! Why? Because I’m me, such a rebel aren’t I? He is also one of those people who desperately wants to be a ‘cool kid’. 

I don’t have the right figure, I don’t swear, I behave in class, I try my best in classes, I’m nice to as many people as possible, I like maths, I like to read a lot... the list goes on . These are just a few examples of why I will never even be a candidate for ‘the group’. I don’t want to though, I want to be myself instead. Once in PE one of ‘them’ ( she also happens to be one of the main people in the ‘gang’ ) said to me ‘snitches are b******’ just because I called out one of my only friends in that class ( she was on the other team, also on ‘her’ team ) for a travel in netball as a joke ( we have a joke to do with travels ). Just because I’m not ‘cool’ doesn’t mean I can’t have a joke, do I always have to be serious? I wasn’t going to go up to the ref and complain or anything like that! On the same day I had someone saying I looked like I had been dragged through a bush backwards! Also the day before someone made comments on my appearance ( they were kinda true but he was saying it in a derogatory way ). It’s not fair. Life isn’t fair though, is it? 

My point is simple, I am my own kind of rebel and you are your own kind as well. Just be yourself, even if it hurts. I still need to build up on myself because some people knocked me down. Everyone has problems, just some have more than others. Ignore people who try and knock you down, they aren’t worth it. If you are still reading you either want to stop or are thinking ‘ What is she saying? How do I do that? ‘. Keep your friends and family close to you, they are important. Whenever someone says something to you to insult you just know that you don’t need to think about them, you have better things to do.

My step-mum is helping me build up a book of snidey comments ( Basically a list of things to say back in certain situations that aren’t hurtful but funny. They also show whoever has said something mean that you don’t care or that they can’t hurt you ). I highly recommend it. Sometimes it is better to just walk away but in small scenarios they can help a lot. Little things like this can really bring your self esteem right up and the more you have the less you will care about ‘fitting in’. If you are like me and like to study or even if you don’t but you ‘don’t fit in’, don’t try and be ‘bad’! That is the wrong kind of rebel if you want to be a good person.

Be your own kind of rebel, be yourself.