Rebel Dad

By Jared, Springfield Primary, aged 11

This is the story of my dad’s finest hour, when he got sick of playing football and staged a sit-down protest to stop football and play other sports.

It was a normal day in Queensferry High School back in 1980 and my dad was being normal. He was just normal, quiet and didn’t usually get in trouble. Then something changed.

It was time for class 3A to go to PE. They went to the changing rooms and as normal it stunk of sweaty socks. Chimpy the PE teacher, as the teens called him behind his back, told the boys to go the pitch.

When all the boys had walked out to the pitch, my dad decided that he had had enough. He sat down on the centre circle of the pitch and wouldn’t move and refused to play. Chimpy was raging, he marched my dad back inside the school and made him write 100 lines. My dad wrote the lines and then went on to his next class.

One week later, my rebel dad was back in PE. Chimpy came over to him and said, ‘If you don’t want to play football then what do you want to do?

‘Fencing,’ my dad said. Chimpy asked the other boys and the girls if anyone else wanted to do fencing. Fifteen other people said yes. So, they done fencing for the rest of the year.