Rebel! Rebel!

By Robyn, Auchengray Primary School, aged 8

I am named Robyn

My name is Mrs Robertson

I grew up in Auchengray

I was born in Braehead farm near Forth

My main Teacher is Mrs Wright

My main Teacher was Mrs Brunefield

Our punishment is getting a Warning

My punishment was writing I want do this 100 times

I have not been grounded as well

I have never got grounded

Mine is getting on a red

The worst thing I have ever done in school is hiding a pen

My best friend is Megan

My best friend is Margaret Hohart

My friends are not rebels either.

My friends are not rebels.

I have not played tricks on the teachers

I have played a tricks on the teacher I hid a black board wiper

I do clubs I do dancing and cub scouts.

I did not do any clubs but I did join the girls gildry.

I go to school in Auchengray.

I went to school in Stow  

I sometimes get in trouble but not very often.

I did not get in trouble very often, I was quite shy in school.

I don’t refuse to do work

I never refused to do work either.

I don’t annoy teachers

I have never annoyed a teacher either.

When I soaked my mum’s boyfriend when he was in his clothes.

I threw a ball and it hit someone in the nose.

He soaked me back.

I got away with it.