Rebel! Rebel!

By Robert, Auchengray Primary School, aged 10


My name is Robert.


I am called William.


I was born is Mosshat.


I was born in Carluke, Lanark.


My rebel moment is when I was playing football and Allana shoved me hard so I booted her leg at break time and in the same day I punched her in the ear in football at lunch.


And my rebel moment was when I insulted the head master then walked out of the school and went home and the head master told my dad about it and I got in a lot of trouble that day.


My punishment is the good to be green and sent out of the class to do work.


And my punishment is to be sent out of the class and get the belt.


My rebel friends are Allana, Annabel and Logan and my best friend is Jack.


I did have best friends but I don’t remember what their names are.


No I don’t play tricks on the teacher… well not yet.


Yes, I have played tricks on the teacher but since it has been so long ago I cannot remember what it was.


When I was bored I ran around the play ground running in to walls and pretending to be a lama.


At school me and my friends did a competition to see who can get the belt the most in one day.