By Ceilidh

He said we should support the miners, stand with them at the gates.

Off we went, early doors, down to our local coal fired power station.

The first few weeks, it turned out, were quite civil.

The Police Officers were rotated away, and a load from elsewhere rotated in to manage us.

After a few days they would stop our car (full) and turn us back at the roundabout a couple of miles from the picket.

He would chat with the officers, asking for chapter and verse of whatever powers they were using to turn us away.

He started making a little show of writing down the details of this Q & A.

One day, when this routine seemed completed, the Police Officer asked if he had any more questions.

He asked "Who killed Blair Peach?"

He was released the following morning without charge.

He arrived home bruised.

He arrived home to me raging at the risks he took with himself.

I have never told him that his courage perpetually ignites my love of him.

miners protest, challenging police, rebellious love