A Real High School Rebel

By Kieron P. Baird

When I was younger and still at high school,
I had an edgy t-shirt I thought made me look cool.
It had in bold black text “Lethal Death! USA”!
I made a point to try and wear it every day.

If I remember right the t-shirt was white,
A comfy fit that felt just right.
It used the colours red, white and blue,
And featured cool looking skulls and flames, too.

Well, anyway, I had a run in years before,
With a geography teacher whose lectures were such a bore.
The problem was she later became the one who took our form.
Needless to say, arguments about the t-shirt became the norm.

For approximately 15 minutes of each and every morning,
I was constantly given my last and final warning!
Filled with rage she screamed and spat,
“Don’t come back to school in that”!

Well clearly she picked up on the fact I didn’t care,
For that same t-shirt I continued to wear.
It is probably worth noting now, that I did in fact have other rebellious shirts,
So I could for 5 days a week, stick it to “The Man” where it hurts.

So one day she did something I found quite stunning,
A letter was sent home blatantly aimed at me...rather cunning.
The letter was sent out to each and every member of my form class.
Warning about unacceptable, offensive t-shirts and explaining they would no longer pass.

Well needless to say my Mum was not impressed,
And picked up that the letter was about how I dressed.
She thought it was time I changed my attire and attitude,
Perhaps this would also help with my school grades and aptitude.  

Well to my Mum I explained, all 5th years were allowed to wear what they want.
Everyone else was wearing what they liked and without grief, continued to flaunt.
Well I decided, for my rival, I wasn’t going to be merciful,
For this whole letter incident was calculated, personal and purposeful.

Well, the letter didn’t really change much at the end of the day.
For I continued to wear my unique and edgy t-shirts anyway.
Not long after I dropped out and instead went to college,
A much less controlling establishment, to continue the pursuit of higher knowledge.

Well the jokes on them, because despite all the hate and adversity,
I still went off, studied hard and got into university.
They told me that by wearing that t-shirt, both my school and family it dishonours.
Yet I went on to become a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours.

childhood rebellion, school uniform