A rebel is born - again!

By Jennifer McGowan

What is a rebel?

Well thanks tae oor auld school teachers they'd have us believe that a rebel is nothing more than a trouble maker, but I honestly believe it's someone who isn't afraid to stand up for what they believe in even if they're the only ones standing.

Rewind twenty four years when I was a five year auld wee lass in the school playground. My pals would shout "eh I can do what I like, its a free country." That would be my cue, "eh in actual fact Scotland isn't a free country because..."  Its nae wonder I was an unpopular bairn. I'm sure my teachers even got fed up with me asking "why are we learning French instead of Gaelic?" And I lost count of the times my teacher would correct my grammar and say "now Jennifer the words you're looking for are yes Miss" to which i would reply "aye but I'm Scottish so surely aye is an appropriate response?" Gosh if looks could kill!

Nae bairn really cares about their country's self determination but I did, thanks tae my late father. Fae the age of five I stood by my dad's side at the polling stations donning my black & yellow rosette, standing proudly against those who blinded us with their red rosettes & blue rosettes.

Fast forward tae high school & boy did my teachers no just love me. The amount of times I stood up & used my voice tae correct my teachers on their political education. Someone had tae make sure the youth were getting the correct information & I took it upon myself tae dae just that. I'll never forget the day my Modern Studies teacher got so excited about this new, young, fresh politician who went by the name of David Cameron (aye I ken I couldn't believe her excitement either). I was kindly asked tae leave the classroom that day as my patter was nothing but 'aye buts & naw buts'. I remember coming together with a few class mates tae write a letter tae Tony Blair that year tae. Guess what ... still waiting on a reply!

Fast forward again tae the present day & my rebellious attitude towards the British establishment has grew even deeper. I love nothing more than tae whip oot my Scotland flag & march against the opposition & join public meetings tae fire a few questions oot there to prove tae the undecided that the opposition's drivel is nothing more than scaremongering lies.

What's even better now is that I have my own wee Scottish rebel by my side. My bonnie wee five year auld lad. Fae bump tae pram tae toddler & beyond he has attended meetings & hustings, canvass nights & polling stations & has been lucky enough tae meet the previous & present First Minister all whilst donning his own wee black & yellow rosette & most importantly his big blue & white yes badge. The wee rebel in him doesn't hesitate tae shout across tae me in the vegetable aisle in Aldi which tatties we can buy based on their product packaging. I am trying to teach him how tae be what I call 'a kind rebel.' Its only acceptable as long as you're no hurting or disrespecting others. Oh he is going tae be that kid in the playground isn't he? What can I say, a rebel has been born, again!

Tae sum up what I think about being a modern day rebel ... it's awesome! We get the job done, we make a change, we get folk talking about things they once knew nothing about, we spark that wee fire in their soul & you ken what, it doesn't matter if what they become passionate about is the opposite view to our own. We have given them something new tae be passionate about & for some that can be a life saver so tae anyone who has that wee voice inside them waiting tae shout, dae it. Be a rebel! 

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