By Elaine Loch

When ah mind back tae last century, no jist tae when a wis wee,
But neither yit had ah got a degree.
Apart-heid wis oan the news, thon kin o stuff, nae excuse.
We wur jist young, students no richt shair o wha we wur or gaun where.
But auld enough tae stert tae spier: black n white, hoo cum this fear?

Apart-heid whit cud we dae or say, tae show it had tae go away?
Doon hamers we wur, in Embro toon, oor world wis growing big an roon.
At the shops, we checked the labels tae boycott Sud Africa's oranges an aiples
Mairches, demonstrations, Amnesty letters, trying tae tell oor elders n betters,
Apart-heid it his tae stop.

Yin end o term wi rucsacs packit, traivelin bi thumb up thro' Glencoe, ferry tae Skye then by an by
Heids fu o massacres, songs o princes, naebody telt us o fulsum midgies!
Oor goal wis Slichachan tae pitch wur tent,
Oor thumbs stuck oot prood, oor smiles wur bricht,
Will they stop? Naw.....aye? Oor luck held ticht
The clouds wur dark, smir no far awa
Jist intae the van, helloos began
Wur heids drapped doon, keekin oot at the storm getherin.
As yin we decided tae stap the bletherin
an asked these folk fae Sud Afrika tae stop their van.
We'd chinged wir plan an couldnae gaun wi them.
Back in the cauld, the smir wrapped roon,
Nae mair lifts, nae big moon. 

Young as we wur, we'd made oor choice,
Angst fermentin,
Values cementin,
This wis a line we couldnae cross
Fur us baith fae wee places naebody his heard ae
We had tae demonstrate oor hearts wur sair,
Stuck oot there in the middle o naewhere,
Tae show that apart-heid we couldnae share!

apartheid, defiance