Give me a Reason to Climb out This Hole

By Steven as commonly known of the family Berry

Let it be said that this 'ere be th' testament o' a true scots rebel. 31st kin 2018

nursing a limp wrist, he sits crooked, dwelling swine like,
thinking his thoughts o' reflection th' wrist is juist a blemish oan th' scars 
worthy o' his cause ainlie, a cause fur freedom, a cause fur truth, a cause so
sacred ony jimmy wid haud dear
that if ye knew ye an' a' would.
Make a staun, ken th' power nae physically in yer haun, bit thus in unison wi' th' land 
brethren 'n' bearers o' creation please read this in kind, let us shift tae th' future oot fae th' day that cast us blind.  
Steve haes visions o' time baith future 'n' bygane, ower 'n' ower he plays thaim baith tae th' future 'n' back,
pausing ilk moment, absorbing ilk torment,
detailing his procrastination, keekin fur a destination he bases this oan speirins that he bides in a trap wi' a crack.

Steve haes bin processed thro' th' system,
judged then condemned left in th' stoor, 
paradoxically he haes pat his-sel first,
for ithers tae progress it's a must.
Rock n roll wis his lee style
he hud bin thare fur some while.
Wanting 'n' needing, his mynd swore 'twas bluidin drooched in anxiety fur ony substance he is needing.

He follaed his hert, honest 'n' selfless this wis clouded by consuming sae selfish 
denying a' th' greetin' 'n' th' pleading
to git his-sel th'gither bit this let his guard doon against 
voices misleading
pointing thair fingers, thae bingers o' drama 'n' blame
their ego cut thair hooter o' afore thay knew mah name.

However, his 40 years he won’t git back, his perception nae a' black
denied ur th' blows tae his body 
numb fae th' days whaur traditional discipline wis sae shawdy
so aff at a tangent his organic robot grew, learning ostracized behaviours if he ainlie knew
he rejected society based oan its lies 
"why can’t ah be free, accepted as I" 

self-medication helped him git by,
this introverted journey pure opened his eye
he noo sees behaviours as thay group tae git by, 
choosing tae conform,
fitting in wi' th' 'norm' aye, sur na sur tae th' day that thay die, 
accepting thae conditions, ne'er mynd keekin tae th' sky,
exploring thair rights or whit, whin 'n' why.

Lawful rebellion, natural law
never taught in schuil, undermining oor future
to ainlie count numbers 'n' bide under yin rule,
these routines forced daily hitting solid lik' a bull,

where is th' substance in living 'n' growing?
material gear 'n' th' cracks it's showing

he tried tae adjust in sae mony ways, keekin fur acceptance, lang wur th' days
so desperate, sae dear,
so eager wis everyone,
who did run in fear,
of whit he micht say or if he git near
most fowk jooked th' truth afore thay cuid hear.

His rejection o' society broke his sobriety  culchur scorned oor hero, society murdered his wull. At times he feels goosed let doon 'n' cast out
he mist noo rebel wi'oot a shadow o' a doubt.
Gubbed, bruised 'n' battered by his ain blood, a shattered family’s pathway suddenly crashed 'n' flood
swallowed by th' masses, chewed up 'n' gobbed oot a' fur he wid nae conform, thay wur worried by his doubt,
love lost tae lust, a lee sae unjust
we mist learn tae oppose thae feelin’s ever sae concuss

he haes worked solid fur th' jimmy, he gave mair than whit he can
but a' 40 years hae taught him is th' establishment is a sham,

societies dominant members, a group o' international chancers th' financial elite
sold th' masses thair ain consent tae be worked policed 'n' governed even whin thay donder th' wynd.

Corrupt banking systems bult’ purely oan debt, hae taken awa' oor starting point afore we ur even set,
to follow oor path, muckle lik' chains tae a bath
and then we ur punished whin we release oor wrath.

Now he haes lost everything he didn’t hae before,
Steve mist learn value, mak' his marc wi'oot th' roar
avoid a' th' blame, shoogle o' his shame
bounce back 'n' mak' a difference that is worthy o' his existence.

Can he see it thro', wull his intentions be subdued?
everyone kens o' coorse that thay would,
as this honest man’s integrity, wull be misunderstood.
But haud this yin thought fur a minute, let it dilute yer spirit
walk onwards 'n' upwards 'n' ony time hings clash
just buckit it!!

the an aberdonian’s burd don’t git drookit thay shack aff th' water
but noo it's time tae halt th' elite getting fatter
"it is a social experiment" he says,
"I’m a cathartic catalyst martyre thy ken mah wull is aye good".............. 
"let is fin’ peace that insae misunderstood"


scots, personal rebellion, identity