Here I Am

Am I a rebel?
I leave it up to you
Am I?
All I tell is true -
you will be the judge,
through my eyes, you will see,
my reconstructed memory.

When I was much younger,
nerves strangled my voice -
fear warned me to stay back
yet I chose the right choice,
expression I did not lack.

Using my pen,
pen and keyboard -
I took aim,
rebelled against the inner naysaying,
that which claimed me alone.

I grasped the inevitable risk
that of ridicule and dismission
opening up within, I gave myself permission
to explain myself through written self-expression.

Just to be clear,
while it's certainly true,
I may appear quiet at times in person,
it's equally so that boldly,
with a steely determination
I assert - I WILL NOT; not be heard.

No matter how invisible I may seem
I proudly announce, in written form,
Here I am,
I defy you not to acknowledge me!

defiance, individuality, everyday rebellion