I am me

By Rachel erika Henderson

I have always been the one who was different; unafraid
I guess that is just the way some of us are made,
I have walked tall, whilst many fell behind
While all my beliefs stand firm inside my mind
You label me bohemian, but I am an earth child
I belong to the universe, I run free and wild
I dance naked with nature, flowers in my hair
It doesn't even bother me when people stop to stare
I am one with the earth, I am naked I am free
You can either stand there to watch or come and join me
Forget every barrier, religion, culture or coloured skin
We are all brothers and sisters in the world we all live in 
I don't believe in war, Because I don't think we should fight
I don't care if you think I'm wrong, to me this way is right
So you call me a rebel, because I don't follow society?
I am open minded, I am different but I am me

silent rebellion, resistance, individuality