I See Differently

By Laura Jane

Transgressing to conform to your brand of “good”

Not all good of course – some bad – but we should

Fake till we make, but what are we making?

Creating a space where we feel bad for taking

The time to embrace the rough with the smooth.

Feeling guilty for stealing our own time to soothe

Our aching brains and hearts. Some peace

And rest or moment of intense release.

Snuffing out the flames of the fire in my belly

All in the name of disagreeing well - we

Cannot continue to throw ourselves in

To always end up right back where we begin.


A quiet rebellion though

Did you even notice – no

Could not pay enough, money or attention

To the life that you drained or the weight of the tension

That grows and develops, pulling and tearing

At every relationship – eroding and wearing.


This rebel – Shutting down, checking out

Facing reality, you know nothing about.

Wasted in your eyes, not ready for this gift

Which feels like a curse as it sets you adrift

In a sea, shades of grey, is this really seeing?

More pressing now; growing a full human being.


Connecting with light and the green grass of home.

Dig where I stand, choosing not to roam –

At least not as you dictate – this journey for me

Through a narrower lens, maybe more hope I see.

quiet-rebellion, conformity