Lassies Don't Make Baskets

By Betsy MacDonald

Lassies don't make baskets, they clean and tidy up,
So go and wash the dishes, and dinnae chip the cups.
But I want to make a basket, I really want to learn,
You can teach me, I'm a quick learner, as you already ken.
You always say 4 hands are quicker than 2,
So if I was helping you make them, there'd be less work for you to do.
You sit out there for hours, in every kind of weather,
You don't have time to play with us or even have a blether.
My Granny said she'd taught you, you were very quick to learn,
She said of all her children, you were a very clever bairn.
So lassies do make baskets, and make them very well,
And did I ever make one, well that's another tale.

childhood rebellion, gender