Letter to Mum, Nov 77

By Gillian Fullarton

21 November 1977

Dear Mum,

I miss your sayings more than anything and I try to live by them as much as I can. ‘Leave while the party’s still good’, is sometimes a struggle. I’m wondering about one of your favourites for my current situation, ‘to thine own self be true’. I’ve fallen in love with Father Mann. No, honestly mum, don’t be mad or stop reading. It’s the real thing, I’m going to tell him soon. I’ll never get the chance at mass with Mr McAlpine hanging about like his bodyguard so I thought of three possibilities:

  1. Tell him in confession

  2. Volunteer to help with the first communion breakfast

  3. Join the Christmas decorations group

The first has the advantage of being completely alone with him and I suppose it might count as a sin so that would kill two birds. The other two, his housekeeper will be glued to him. I can’t remember if you met her, the one who smells like custard creams. So I think confession will be best. I’ll wait to the end so there’ll have to be a few sins first. Nothing too bad, I don’t want to put him off. And it’s in the evening which feels right. I’ll have to sit at the very front because I want to be last.  Can you remember how it works with the people from the back going in first? I think I’ll go on Saturday as it’s the quietest. Apparently Mrs Butler is sometimes in for twenty minutes these days.  And she goes twice a week.  Kay Gillespie told me this as she’s been going to church every night to repaint the nativity characters.  I think she might like him too as she’s always dressed up to the nines. Once I saw her heading in wearing a pair of those boots that go right over your knees. I’d better be quick. I’ll go this Saturday. Dad won’t notice I’m gone as he’ll still be at the pub. Don’t worry, he’ll bring back fish suppers for tea and we’ll watch the Generation Game together.

Wish me luck mum. I’ll light a candle for you before I go in.

All my love


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