Little Cyclone

For those who stayed in Belgium, Groupthink kept the peace;
Collective see nothings, hear nothings, do nothings. 
A passive acceptance of German aggression,
Sharp instruments of Nazi collaboration.  

Brussels refused to conform; a lonely rebel, 
She resisted unrecognised authority, 
Flew invisible flags of rebellion, stretched out
A Comet Line of thousands on to France or Spain 

Her daughter Dédée blew this quiet courage in; 
No gentle wind, this brave maze of local knowledge
Fought for peace with secret acts of small resistance,
Deceived the marching troops in boots with winning smiles,

Hid pilots (strangers she called brothers) silently
In blackness, attics, cellars, woods, to lead them out 
Through mountains, goat tracks, trees, a neighbours betrayal;
Saved skins and her beloved country from despair. 

She risked her today to save our tomorrow, 
and called it a fair price for freedom, hope. 

resistance, WW2, solidarity