Norn Broser - The Norn Rebel

By Defna Jora

Folekar laga mål min ikke livandi 
Eg er broser. BODA!
Norn ikke missa!
Norn ikke kasten!
Norn dað hever mog. 

Jift mål min er blag og jardaði
hvatna agga eg i?
Norn du ert bulig.
Norn du ert bulig.
Eg er Norn!


People say my tongue does not exist
I am a rebel. YELL!
Norn is not lost!
Norn is not rejected!
Norn it has me. 

If my tongue is dead and buried
what do I protest in?
Norn you are healthy.
Norn you are healthy.
I am Norn!


*Norn is not Scots or Gaelic, Norn is a Scandinavian language found only in Scotland. Norn is the native tongue of the people of Orkney, Caithness and Shetland. Despite being used in day to day conversation Norn is an officially extinct language, both Scots and Gaelic are being imposed on the Norn areas to the detriment of Norn. The people of Orkney, Caithness and Shetland are fighting to get Norn recognised as a living language before it dies out completely. As part of this fight I have written this poem so our children may have something to read in their native tongue – Norn.

Eg er Norn.

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