On Obedience

By Aileen Paterson

I used to be so good you know
when I was in my youth
I used to be compliant
and always told the truth. 

I kept myself so spotless
with perfect clothes and hair
and used to smile so nicely
when others weren’t fair. 

Now I am getting older
my patience has worn thin
I swear and curse my colleagues
and drink a lot of gin. 

My sarcasm is boundless
my temper rather frayed
and you will be quite certain
if your welcome’s overstayed. 

Oh life would be quite boring
if we did what we were told
subservience is dreary
being good is oversold.

Stand up for what you think
before the world goes straight to hell
it’s time to show your confidence
be brave, be bold, rebel.

personal rebellion, individuality, principles