By Helen Beurskens

I was a rebel, so I’m going to let you all know just how it was for me.

I just started looking around me, all the energy in me was needing to come out. I needed freedom, enough to give me a good look at things around me.

There were plenty of things to do where I stayed.  

I could get up to lots of things, no angel was I.

I was an out and about person and a law unto myself, as far as my family was concerned.

I was a rebel and a tomboy, I kept doing crazy things, like raiding gardens and stealing strawberries. I didn’t tear the net, I left it the way it was, just with less strawberries.

I would go down to the burn and watch the water. It was fantastic to watch the way the ripples in the stream would go in and out of the big stones, wobbly as they were.

The stones in the water were mostly covered in moss that made them very slippery; anything I would do was very risky, unthinkable things can happen, usually when it is raining.

Many a time I fell in the water.

There were some amazing reflections in the water, the trees, reefs, water lilies; there are more plants, I can’t name them all.

I would paddle to the other side of the stream, some bits where deeper than others, there were big trees full of gooseberries and blackberries hanging over the dyke. Do you think that I was learning to live off the land?                     

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