By Sabheena Mughal, @@

I will be rebellious, and I will guard fiercely what I believe
Some self-respect is all that is left
And there's no way I will let it lose
To your angry eyes and accusing hands
Burning into my space
I wait until you are done
And you can feel like the greater one.

Disobedient, rebel, wayward, wrong
All the names you call me under the sun,
You say it’s a shame you let me into your world
I'm sorry you didn’t step into and see mine
A clash here, a taunt there
With never a sorry nor regret
But it doesn’t bother me anymore
My dignity is worth being that rebel for

Take away my worldly possessions, threaten to give me nothing more
When your words flow like rocks in my direction
I will wait it out curled up on the floor
My body may have never felt your fury
But your words degrade my soul
It saddens me that you failed to see that my life and world was you
But if doing a bit for me makes me a rebel
Then I am a rebel, it’s true.

identity, defiance, personal rebellion