Rebel Boots

Rebel boots, big and clunky
Their rubber soles, thick and chunky
Worn through the years on my changing feet
Rebelling, learning, itchy, neat

Worn to stomp ‘round in my teens
Underneath angry, baggy jeans
Not for me, high heels, designer
I’m Grandad’s little 5 foot miner

20s: travel, music, books
Pink hair, piercings, eclectic looks
Worn to parties, lectures, interviews
No trainers, pumps, or black court shoes

Still clunky, comfy, keep my grounded
But these 30s shapes are softer, rounded
Wee handprints on my clothes and boots
My rebel feet have put down roots

Not itchy feet now, but here to stay
To read bedtime stories, cook, and play
But I still wear my clunky boots
With my two little rebels, in cahoots


rebel boots, companionship