Rebel with a Cause

By Becca Wilson

Warning: this piece contains strong language

I am a rebel with a cause

I never pause to think

I dont shrink

the words simply slink from my mouth like angry ink

I splatter them on everyone 

I can't lie, it's kind of fun.

people roll their eyes as i cry,

but what about animals lives? black women, trans and gay, lebsian and bi?

I'm not afraid of a fight.

I need to do what's right, it's my responsibiliy as a cis, straight white. 

I might be a witch

I dont take shit, not even if youre paying me for it

sacked from every job I've ever had

I'm glad

I'm kind but dont make me mad

jesus himself would get told too

if he tried to tell me what i could and couldnt do

two years old I stared having my say

with my father, now he's MIA

I wont play by your rules

I wont follow you

I have all the tools to do what I need to do

this mouth of mine is acid

but I'd rather stand tall than be flaccid

so roll your eyes if you think black lives dont matter, if feminism has gone too far

roll them into the back of your skull, take a look at your brain and ask yourself who the fuck you think you are

and remind yourself theres nothing you can do,

we are everywhere, proceed with caution.  

a rebel with a cause is dangerous to you

we wont stop, we dont have that option.

identity, defiance, protest, solidarity