Surviving Life In a Parallel Universe

By Boo Radley

Examining the bubble of society that I have been fated to reside in, I look outward at the people around me, the cohort I have become part of, and then I examine the person I have become.

Prison is a place beyond a portal, apart from humanity, and behind the wall I encounter a region where societal norms and every day rules are inverted. In this parallel realm where people are valued and judged solely on their previous actions, the populace live perpetually in the past. This condition is the result of the fact that for the majority any hope of a stable future is uncertain, ambition is crushed. For some their future is fictional, it will never exist. They will never escape. They are entombed by their past.

While living in a domain such as this, damage to the psyche of any person is inevitable. Many subtle and invisible pressures that are hidden in the ether, like the force of gravity, present grave danger to all who pass through this place. These environmental factors grind away at each internee, remoulding a part of them they can only hope is not altered forever.

Those subjected to an assault by the ambience of their habitat remain unaware of their own metamorphosis. There is no yard stick to compare against aside from their own past. A past which due to their being situated here must be somewhat flawed or at the least unsteady.

A storm of myth, rumour and gossip spiral around us and even the strongest are led astray as they voyage through an alien environment seeking shelter. Through the fog the wandering mind is diverted from its natural course no matter how it clambers to keep a hold of the remnants and essence of its origin.

The place is infected by a virus, the pathogen, though, is not a physical agent assailing the body. Instead we suffer from a plague of the mind. How can any person hope to remain whole when basics such as morality are twisted and flipped to become their polar opposites? When wrong is perceived to be right even the strongest and most astute will inevitably become confused.

The success and growth of the human race has for millennia depended on and been enhanced by cooperation between people and community spirit. Mutually beneficial acts such as sharing and education contribute to an order that enhances the future for people in every station of life.

Here selfishness and avarice snipe at any chance of progress as the men battle to climb atop the mound of bodies composed of their brethren to seek self-indulgence and dominance. Those at the top of the pile remain only for the most fleeting of moments, and are bound to be trod upon in the future as time slowly marches on.

In this situation, any attempt to have order from a deliberately imposed chaos is futile and means the most benign and altruistic traits of any inhabitant have to be extinguished quickly. They are simply stampeded, viewed by the mass of wanton troglodytes as indications of weakness and inferiority, when in fact they are the opposite. In a system where survival necessitates it, these peculiarities simply evaporate as they are not compatible with the environment.

A structure such as this has been described where a dogma of division and isolation exists; seems to suit those in power, for those inside it, it is an illustration of hell. An ability to exterminate any sense of togetherness or community makes it immensely easy to direct and control a broken populace. People who see no semblance of ever uniting simply disintegrate. By the proverbial puppet masters, the strings of power are played in such a way that the end is a foregone conclusion, division and apathy persist.

I worry for the future, if there is one, for people in a situation such as I find myself. Alive in a time and place where although experiencing the measure of material effects, technological comfort and modern convenience, they seem better-off than they have ever been. I worry that a broken and shattered people, exhausted by a torrent of mixed messages and factors beyond their understanding, detrimental to their well-being, seem destined to fail. Although I must rebel I must survive.

personal rebellion, prison life, community