The Blazer Run

When am thinkin aboot the times when a’ve been rebelious, it’s sad tae admit that it mostly happened in the past. At school, tae be exact. Since then a’ve been pretty obedient unfortunately.

This story stretches back tae the summer hoalidays ae 2011… A think. A wis in between ma 4th n 5th year it school n it wis near the end ae the hoalidays. School wis clased so me n ma pal, Dougie, were jist rallyin aboot on oor bikes aw summer. But this wan day the school wisnae closed. As we were ridin past the school gates, we swatched a sign thit said ‘Blazer Fittings Today’. Noo, this wis shockin for two reasons. The first wis that we didnae know thit we were supposed tae git blazers for the upcomin year – it turned oot they were made compulsory. The second wis that if there were blazer fittings the day then the school wid hae tae be open.

‘Dae ye wanty ride oor bikes in the school?’ shouted Dougie as we screeched tae a stoap at the front ae the school. ‘Aye, of course A dae’ wis ma reply n wae that we raced tae the front door ae the school.

A opened the door n a wis surprised that it opened n that there wis naebdy in the entrance as we wheeled oor bikes thro’ the door. We could hear voices n that thro’ in the assembly hall so we took a left intae the English corridor tae avoid the plethora of teachers n parents wha would love tae sabotage oor plan. Me n Dougie tore doon the corridor at full speed makin sure thit, at every corner, we made as many black skid-marks wae oor tires as we could. Brakes screechin wae ilka turn. Oor only goal wis tae go as fast as we could while makin as many marks on the flair as we could. A’ve nae idea why, dinnae ask.

The plan wis goin pretty well ‘til the janny inevitably clocked us oan the CCTV cameras n startit runnin n shoutin doon the corridors taewards us. Both ae us said some sorta expletive word at the same time that cannae be mentioned but I assure ye it summed up the si’uation. ‘We need tae get oot, noo!’ wis Dougie’s contribution tae the obvious. Cycling away fae the janny, we bolted roon’ the corner intae the Drama corridor n burstin thro’ the doors tae the assembly hall where we forgoat the blazer fittings were happenin. Suddenly, we were gettin chased by aboot 4 janny’s, 20 teacher’s n aboot a thoosand crabbit maw’s. We couldnae stoap noo. Roon’ the corner we went and a’maist went straight intae the hauns ae the first janny that clocked us. Managin tae squeeze past him we sprinted doon the last bit ae the corridor n burst thro’ the fire escape at the side ae the school.

As we left the buildin we were smart tae the CCTV that wis waitin ootside. We pulled up oor hoods tae cover oor faces so that the CCTV wouldnae catch oor faces. Wae the bikes bein oor a’vantage, we goat back tae the front gate n rallied away from the school faster than Chris Hoy would hae.

The rest ae the summer went by waeoot hearing a hing so we assumed thit we had goaten away wae it. We assumed wrang. The first day ae school there wis an assembly tae let us ken the script for the comin year of school. A’body wis lookin at the flair wonderin wha the legends were that had been skiddin aboot on their bikes (as the marks were still there on the first day). At the end ae the assembly, Roddy (Roderick McLelland – the head teacher) mentioned that me n Dougie meet him in his office efterwards. That feelin where yer stomach jist sinks came ower the both ae us. At the meetin that followed he wis mare fair than we expected him tae be. I ken deep down he knew that it wis good patter n he would hae been like that when he wis a wain. We had a simple offer from the big man: clean the marks aff the flair or he wid get the polis involved. Clean the flair it wis. We were gettin prepared tae go n clean it aw up after school had finished the following day n the marks had all been cleaned aff already. Either the cleaners had unknowingly cleaned it up or Roddy had let us aff wae it. Tae this day we dinnae ken how we goat away wae it but A’m certainly no complainin!

Thinkin aboot aw the stories n mischief a goat up tae when a wis younger makes me want tae get up tae nae good again but then again, a probably wouldnae be let aff wae it like a did when a wis younger. Ach well.

childhood rebellion, best friends