The Story of My Life

By ally

I was one of those kids
who had to challenge the boundaries
and my parents said
“You will rue the day”
I just said
“Aye right, so I will’
trying to sound a bit cocky
I did it my way! 

I had my first son at seventeen
left on my own
nobody wanted to know
not even my parents
They said “hell mend you
we told you so”
But I still did it anyway
The more I did it
the more I got into
the wrong relationships 

Over the many years
I went on to have five children
I got to the stage
I had to stop rebelling
and ask for help,
against my better judgment
I thought “I got myself in this mess”

So I cleaned up my act
I got a job cleaning
when the kids were at school
I had to pull myself up
by the strings of my boots, as they say
and the future starts here 

I have written my own poetry book
and am writing another one
I am so pleased with myself 
I have turned my life right round
I am going in a whole new direction
I am saying the same thing to my kids
about where they’re going wrong
We all have to go through rebelling so we can learn
And sometimes it’s the hard way

personal rebellion, family, courage