They Boots

By Davy MacFarlane

Warning: this piece contains strong language

Hey you get Jerry me you  Davy Jerry load the big motor wi cable Drumchapel watch oot up there young team mental  runnin in an oot  the closes playing tig wi hatchets cable aff heids doon erse up dig like fuck see you at the end cut aff the non ferocious metal flog it tae that wee robbin` bastard scrappy in Springburn him wi that huge ulceration dug twenty quid on the first favourite the rest fur bevy plank the motor where the gaffers canny find it Boundary Bar bevvy oh day pick up  the weans fae school drive hame fill the weans wi crisps and ginger an pretend tae sleep afore she gets hame fae her work an sees am fullyit see that in the papers joabs in Libya pittin up cables nae bother tae us me you Davy Jerry buy  they boots desert boots canny bevy ower there ten bob a tail for  white men missionaries heids are souvenirs worse  than Drumchapel poles up cables up work like fuck get a tan hame tae Glesga loaded new suit new car doon the Ashfield Club me you Davy Jerry wearing they boots bevvied magic.
glasgow, community