Trouble to Change

By Rita Dalgliesh

A Dedication to the Suffragettes

Realistically it means jeopardy; these changes that they seek.
Everybody’s wrong but them; havoc’s the game; subservient shame.
Best leave them all to goad in goal, till they cross the line, media time.
Everyone may join the cause, equality to provoke a vote in mind.
Long hours of plan and protest; punishments fit the crime.
Later are developments, progress; persistence in this instance.
Implicated in every walk of life; are those who fought for what is right.
Outcasts for the duration, what degradation now embraced by nations.
Unsung heroes of liberty, recognition vs resolution, adorn a sash; march.
See all that’s grown from wrestles foes to benefit our lives. 

protest, solidarity, resistance, suffragettes