"We Choose To Go To The Moon"

I choose to go to remote parts of Scotland and UK not because it's easy but because it's hard,
Whether naysayers at ATOS, DWP and numpty neighbours agree or abhor;
Spina bifida limping to scenic areas to soak up the scenery and solitude -
Hindered further by leg ulcers, lymphoedema and walking stick support 'guard' -
Durness a highlight, Rannoch Moor another, Isle of Wight - the Needles, Birsay/Orkney, a multitude.
Mull of Galloway, Cairngorms ski centre viewpoint, Applecross road '1 in 3' Bealach Na Ba,
(Ardnamurchan Point, Knoydart, Western Isles, Cape Wrath and Shetland on the wish list afar);
Standing on the Kop at Anfield, visiting hammer-beam Westminster Hall; I've seen them all.
Social-network meeting guided tour of Scottish Parliament, fountains/art, upturned-boat skylights;
Stonehenge and the infinitely superior Ring of Brodgar (Callanish stone circle yet to call).
The more the Tory government powers that be say "you can't and won't" - tell them "I can and will";
Freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of speech, inalienable human rights -
Despite the best efforts of May, Johnson, Hammond, McVey, Javid, Grayling et al -
I raise my finest two-finger, inverted Churchillian salute to you and your 'kind';
I rebel against you, your upper class breed, I do what I do and know my own mind.

Rebellious Scotland, freedom, government