New Writers Awards 2016: Louise Peterkin


Louise was born and bred in Edinburgh and works as a Library assistant at Edinburgh University. After a long hiatus she began writing again after joining Diggers writers, a weekly writing workshop founded by the WEA and intended to provide feedback and constructive criticism for its members. She has since performed at many poetry venues including Blind Poetics, TenRed and an event at St Cecelia’s Hall as part of the Edinburgh Festival. Most recently she was featured in the new poet slot at Shore Poets. She has been involved in a creative writing workshop for Advanced Higher Students. She has been published as part of the Vers poetry anthology and in New Writing Scotland 34: The Rooftop Busker.


Writing sample

O Chorizo

Chop it this way: the horseshoe clean
down the middle, half in the fridge for later.
Now peer into its universe, gemmed and celled
with fat and paprika. Anatomy
of a stout wee genie.
Is it so very bad for me? Yes!
you chuckled cheerfully. I was in the kitchen
dicing the stuff up in a kitsch little apron
when you wrapped your arms round me from behind
sneaked a chunk into your mouth, kissed me.
Felt like I was in a Fifties sitcom,
one about a housewife and a vampire:
Once BittenThe Bloodsucker Next-door...
Of course it was cancelled. I still buy it -
I like its butch taste. The garlic, the pearls, and the ochre.
The way it stains everything, the way it stains my fingers.


Louise says:

"I was astonished and beyond thrilled to receive the award and am very excited as to what the forthcoming year may bring. It’s hard to convey the boost in confidence such validation gives you. All I can say is thank you so much."