New Writers Awards 2017: Simon Brown


Simon K Brown was born and raised in the Highlands but now lives in Edinburgh. 

He’s currently working on his third novel, a story about people who work at the Department of Karmic Affairs, while sprucing up his second. He has one publishing credit to his name – a story that appeared in 404 Ink – but will be working hard to improve that this year.

When he’s not writing he can be found working for the city libraries, where he occasionally has to sing at children, or mucking about with a sampler trying to make hip hop.

He wrote his first story, 'The Hair', when he was six years old.  It was about hair.

You can find him on Twitter (@SKBwrites) or on his website.


Writing Sample

Birds. Steady streams of them soaring up from all over the city, converging on the church’s jutting spire so it looked like it was haemorrhaging something evil into the sky. The cloud quickly grew, then started moving towards the tram. This patchwork murmuration, filled with every colour and type of bird imaginable - there were even some flamingos from the nearby zoo - swirled round the carriage, blocking out the sun. The windows shook from the thunder of a thousand wings.

The intercom crackled. The driver was saying something but the racket, coupled with Anouk's weak grasp of German, meant that his message was lost. As the tram squeaked to a halt the birdcloud threw itself up high into the air, shedding individuals as it climbed. By the time it touched cloud only a few remained, freckles in the blue spread of sky. They clung together for a few seconds more, and parted.

'End of the line,' muttered Anouk.

Simon says:

"I’ve run out of places to pinch myself. Thank you for giving me this incredible opportunity – I’m going to work so hard to justify this belief you’ve shown in me."