Previous Awardees and Writing Samples

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Since 2009, The New Writers Awards have supported individuals committed to developing their writing.

Awardees receive a £2,000 cash award, allowing them to focus on their work, as well as a tailored package which can include mentoring from writers and industry professionals; training in PR; performance and presentation training; and the opportunity to showcase work to publishers and agents. The awards also include a week-long retreat at Cove Park. The retreat provides time, space and the freedom to create new work in idyllic surroundings.

Since 2010, we have also offered two Gaelic New Writers Awards in association with the Gaelic Books Council. Since 2013 we have also offered an additional Callan Gordon Award for short story writers or poets aged between 18 and 35. 

A number of our awardees have been published by publishing houses including Simon and Schuster, Harvil Secker and Sandstone Press. Other writers have won literary awards and prizes including the Manchester Fiction Prize and The Dundee International Book Prize. 

Previous Awardees


Rachelle Atalla
DP Colgan
Basil W Davies
Julie Martis
Olga Wojtas
Stephen Keeler
Lindsay Macgregor
Aiko Greig
Michael Richardson
Claire Squires


Malachy Tallack 
Alison Gray
Orla Broderick
Martin MacInnes
Bridget Khursheed
Em Strang
Juliette Forrest
Lindsay McKrell
Philip Murnin 
Ann MacKinnon


Graeme Macrae Burnet
Robert Currie
Brian Hamill
Sylvia Hehir
Marion McCready
Lynsey May
Lucy Ribchester
Catherine Simpson
Kathrine Sowerby
John Young


Erika Anderson
Claire Askew
Helen Godfrey
Pippa Goldschmidt
Katy McAulay
Andrew Sclater
Helen Sedgwick
Richard Strachan


Stephen Barrett
Carol Farrelly
Susan Kemp
Thomas Laycock
R.A Martens
Wayne Price
Tracey S. Rosenberg
Kenneth Stephen


Krystelle Bamford
Jane Flett
Roy Gill
Barry Gornell
Kirsty Logan
Gary Mackenzie
Allan Radcliffe
Katerina Vasiliou


George Anderson
Celaen Chapman
Kirstin Innes
William Letford
Ross McGregor
Eve Thomson
Tat Usher
Nicola White


Gaelic New Writers Awards


Greg MacThòmais
Mòrag Anna NicNèill



Calum MacLeòid 
Steaphan MacRisnidh



John Urquhart
Seonaid Macdonald


Seonaidh Charity
Christine Stone


Sandy NicDhomhnaill Jones
Maureen Macleod



Ishi MacLean 
Niall O’Gallagher


Callan Gordon Award


Jonathan Durie 


Samuel Tongue

Writing Samplers

Read some work from our awardees by downloading the samplers below.  

New Writers Awards 2014 Sampler

2015 Sampler


2014 Sampler

2013 Sampler

2012 Sampler

2011 Sampler

2010 Sampler

New Writers Awards 2009 Sampler


2009 Sampler