New Writers Awards 2016: Guidelines for Recorded Samples of Poetry

For the New Writers Awards 2016, you can submit up to 10 poems for your writing sample in the Poetry category. This sample can either be written or a recorded (audio or video).  

To submit a recorded sample, please read our guidelines below before recording your performance. 


How to apply using a recorded sample of poetry:

  • Make a video or audio recording (no more than 5 minutes in total) of you performing your work, with no introductions, contact details or additional performers. Please give the title of the poem or extract and then perform the poem. Please do this for each poem in your recording.
  • Upload the recording to an online streaming service and make it secure (please click here for examples of how to do this).
  • Make a transcript of your performance.
  • If you are performing an extract from a longer performance piece or show, please provide a synopsis (no more than 500 words) as part of your application.
  • Fill in the application form for the Poetry category.
  • The form will ask you to provide a link to your recording and tell us any passwords to access the recording.


Please note:

  • You can submit a combination of a recorded sample and written poetry but you must make sure the total, combined length of your sample meets our guidelines. For example, a 3 minute recording would be accompanied by 2 pages (single-sided) including a total of no more than 10 poems.
  • We don’t recommend using a recording of a public event. It is unlikely that a recording made for another purpose meets our guidelines.
  • Please keep your recorded sample secure and private until the 2016 awardees are publicly announced. Please don't take down your recording until you hear the result of your application.


Transcripts of recorded work

A transcript helps the panel to check they have not missed any words in your performance and find parts of your recording that they want to consider more than once. Your transcript will not be treated as part of your writing sample. The panel will not consider the layout, spelling or grammar of the transcript.

For combined poetry samples please make sure you clearly label your transcript.

There is no word limit for your transcript. However, your transcript should only contain a written version of what you perform in your recorded sample, in font Arial, size 12. 


Further information

We have further information on how to make a recording of your poetry


If you have any further questions or cannot make a recording or transcript for any reason, please email