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Deserving Dilemma

she spoke in silence

Good things happen to good people but good things also happen to bad people, whether they are deserving or not. This is a reality which cannot be answered to the satisfaction of everyone. Here I will not concern myself with everyone otherwise I will spend my days consumed with unspeakable grief for every person in this world. I do not have the emotional wherewithal for such a task.

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relationships, good deeds, dilemma

Sugar Frosties

Frances Ainslie

Breakfast time, and my dad, Mick, sat at the table crunching his Frosties and slurping milk. He marked a line on the box. The Frosties were his, and never shared with anyone. We had porridge. 

‘Pleeease can I go?’ I leaned in between him and his spoon.

‘Whit in hell’s name are ye wantin tae go there fur?’ he said.

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childhood, confession, girls brigade, parents, food, revenge


Julia Allman

You always say that she makes you happy,
that you put a rock on her hand to prove it.
Do you truly, honestly feel that way?
No. There’s trouble in your paradise, I’m sure of it.

Is it so wrong for me to expect your great weight
to one day anchor me to your world,
declare to me she was just a big mistake,
that I, was always your only girl?

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Keywords (not used): 
forbidden love, longing, loneliness, Poem

The Briefcase

"Hey, Rumpole!"

Here we go again. I ignored them and tried to hurry past.

"What've you got today? A murder rap? Are you in the High Court? Hope you've packed your wig. "

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Keywords (not used): 
childhood, school, bullying, family, Grandparents

Christening Robe

Elspeth J. Anderson

One April day when I was eight years old, our family moved from an Aberdeenshire  farm house to the City. Our new home, a tenement flat.
For reasons unknown, my brother and I were not enrolled in the local primary school for the summer term. As a result the days seemed very long, were often punctuated by disagreements, ending with me banished to my bedroom.
On one such occasion, feeling bored, rummaging in a packing case pulled out a dainty baby’s dress in thin white cotton, very ornate with frills, tucked folds, embroidery on the bodice, ribbons threaded in the hem.

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Keywords (not used): 
childhood, clothes

The rael reet o the problem

Diane Anderson

Wheesht! A hiv a secret. Gin A tell ye, ye winnae let oan, will ye? Aye, A’m shair A can trust ye…

A dye ma hair.

Fit div ye mean ye ken? A wifie o forty-some faa isnae grey maun hae a wee tate o help, ye say? Aye, bit iss is a new thing tae me – twa year syne iss colour wis aw ma ain. Iss is foo things fell oot…

A wis peyin fir ma hair-do a twa-three year syne faan the lassie speired at ma gin A’d nott a langer appyntment the neist time, for tae hae ma colour. Fair prood, A telt her iss wis ma natrul colour – aw ma ain, nae bottlies nor potions.

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Keywords (not used): 
Scots, age, getting older, hair

I Still Think About You


I still think about you,
In the still of a breathless night,
On the skim of a loch’s ripple,
And in bed,
His breathing soft in my ear,
While I still

I still think about you
Though it was so long ago,
Your early morning softness
And the scent of the sun on canvas
That time we went camping
and looking for Primula Scotica
On the clifftops at Yesnaby.

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Keywords (not used): 
love, loss, relationship, memories, passion, secret


Clare Archibald

Lists of words. In your head. In your body. On your body. On your tongue. In the world. Hidden mantras. Beads of words. Of the you. Of the me.

1. Bless me Father for I have sinned. It's been two weeks (35 years) since I last went to confession. I was mean to my big sister (I always felt like the eldest). I said a bad word, inside and out (Many). I hated everyone (Some). I loved everyone (More). I told a lie (honestly).

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Decisions - Decisions (based on a family’s truth)

Jamie Armstrong

*Please note - this story handles sensitive themes, if you are affected by any of the issues covered please contact The Samaritans

Why would I choose the less than lethal option... especially now!?

There is no half-way here...slightly over halfway and the trigger is squeezed!

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Jan Arwyn jones

Night secrets

The night before
I had been flying on a carpet -
Aladdin-style above the trees.
That feeling of holding my breath
And holding the keys to a world of possibilities. 

Last night my mind reached new heights -
Soaring above tall buildings,
Leaping from pillars to posts,
Jumping from swings and coal bunkers,
From crumbling cliffs on dangerous coasts  

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