Super glue and tights

By Rab B

When I was about 11 years old I did something that still makes me laugh to this day.

My younger brother was getting lippy with me and acting smart, so I decided to pay him back.

He was acting in his school play as a fairy tree and he was really looking forward to the show. His costume was brown tights, a dark green leaf skirt, a lighter green top and branches with green leaves attached to his arms.

He asked me to go and get his tights and I decided to put super glue inside the tights. I squeezed the whole tube inside the legs and gave them to him. He started to put them on but complained they were a bit damp. Quick as a flash I said “Yeah, mum just washed them, that’s why they’re damp.” “Oh okay, they’ll be dry before I get to the school” he said, and off he went to the show.

When he came home he went upstairs to get changed and I heard him shout “Why can’t I get these bloody tights off?”

He came downstairs and took one look at me. I was giggling.

“You did something!” he shouted at me.

“Who, me?” I said through the giggles.

I confessed “I put super glue in your tights to get you back for being lippy.”

“I was only joking” he said.

He went upstairs to get the tights off. The tights were stuck fast to his skin, so he went to the bathroom and found my dad’s razor. He opened up the old fashioned razor and took the blade out, then he tried to cut the tights off his leg.

Unfortunately, he slipped and sliced into the flesh below his knee. He had to go to the hospital to get some stitches.

I had been laughing, but then I felt a bit bad - I didn’t mean for him to get hurt. I must admit he wasn’t quite as lippy to me again.