The Ten Confessions of Juno Dawson

By Juno Dawson

The first secret was Dad
And Extra Strong Mints
Mum and Minnie Mouse in Florida
‘I’ll see you on a weekend
We’ll get ice cream and candyfloss’

The second secret was Mum
Gingerbread women
Four divorcees
Eight kids in neon cycling shorts
Burn on the Costa Del Sol

The third secret was Her
Chopping Board Girl
Razor blade Pink Lady
Adopting the waifs and strays and queers
Nature’s hated children

The fourth secret was James
He liked arms and shoulders
Broad backs and beards
Business suit sugar daddies
Superman and super men

The fifth secret was Jon
Marlboro Lights
A kiss by the pier
Cheap warm white wine
Your dreams of boys and girls

The sixth secret was Him
Boys and toys, boys as toys
I loved you
You loved the idea of me
Pistachio ice cream at Morrocco’s

The seventh secret was Love
Obsession, boiling red
Both hands on the hob
Blistered and burnt and betrayed
You look so fine, still do

The eighth secret was You
You threw my hedgehog on the ceiling
Proud to be yours in the supermarket
Guinea pigs
Love doesn’t have to hurt

The ninth secret was Then
You lie like it’s breathing
Lost Boy
Happy Families in Wendy Houses
But I’m glad you’re happy with Massimo, honestly

The tenth secret was Juno
All or nothing, nothing or all
The plug in the sink
She knew
The call was coming from inside the house