By David

Before I came to rehab I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. Drugs took their toll on me. I was a filthy, underweight drug addict with hepatitis C. I was up at court constantly reading not guilty when I was physically and mentally unhealthy. I had no-one in my life, my family left me. But me being an addict, I blamed it on them. When I came to rehab I found out that I was the problem not the drugs. I didnae want tae hear it. I was screaming a need for earplugs, just give me ma meth am dying of a violent death. But then one day the penny dropped - am aff ma detox. I’ve learned some recovery tools and they’re not aff a cereal box. The skies the limit not the tree tops. One day at a time. It’s so simple, not easy but hey it’s mine.