Scottish Book Trust Christmas Present Hunt

Hello and welcome to the Christmas Present Hunt, exclusively for all our lovely e-newsletter subscribers.

Solve three puzzles to unlock the list of prizes you could win (UK only). Our deadline for entry is noon on 4 January so you've plenty of time to jingle all the way to the end of the hunt.


Scottish Book Trust Christmas Present Hunt: Clue One

The first letter of each answer will spell the name of a famous author. Once you know who it is, enter your answer as instructed below to continue our Christmas Present Hunt...

  1. Which group gave their heart away last Christmas?
  2. The surname of Darcy's creator.
  3. What size is the boy who makes the sound 'pa-rom-pa-pom-pom' every Christmas?
  4. The surname of the Lord responsible for writing 'The Charge of the Light Brigade'.
  5. Which boy band asks us to 'Stay Another Day' every Christmas?
  6. A cooking instruction for chestnuts at Christmas.
  7. Who has Mommy been conducting a festive affair with?
  8. Another name for a Christmas hymn – the first name of Countdown's original number cruncher.
  9. Homer's long trip.
  10. German for 'fir tree'.
  11. Surname of the Scottish author of Young Adam.

Solved the puzzle? Click on this link and replace 'YourAnswer' in the URL bar with the correct answer as one word:

For example, if the answer was 'Harper Lee' the URL you need would be ''. Email for support.